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Apr 23, 2014
4:50 pm
Apr 23, 2014
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Apr 23, 2014
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Everything Happens for a Reason by V4nill4 Because practice makes perfect. by stars-and-shadows Please don't by RigidSlut
Religion is NOT the problem by RebiValeska I Dont Drink by Tyleen AIR TRAINING CORPS STAMP by ScarredWolfphoto
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I observe. by Snuf-Stamps I like romanticism by CountessMorticia RAF Stamp by SimonLMoore
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Dark Ambient Stamp by azure-scorch Fuck Yes Owl by paramoreSUCKS Death Metal X Screamo Stamp by soxadoodle
Everyday's pointless argument. by PrincessFlaw Johnny 5 Stamp by Milykins Dislike the cold - Stamp by Demon1xo
I Love The 80s by SpyHunterStamps Synth love by DianaCrimsonia Gary numan stamp one by morning-star1
Ghetto blaster stamp by dfmurcia DA Stamp - Serious RPer 01 by tppgraphics Hard to be clear-Stamp by Dinoclaws
Jesus: Everlasting King by warhawk2EVE stamp by LadyBeelze passion stamp by MechaBerry
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Protoss stamp by Rattler20200Cry Racism Stamp by MetalShadowOverlordSIOE Stamp by spongypants23
Triarii I by HafrStampsShitalia by MallphilinWarriors is Boring by genkistamps
Tragic-Villains are BEST VILLAINS. by World-Hero21I'm the goddamn Batman. by Burst-DesignBlack Red: Stamp by JazzaX
Astro Boy stamp by HollowWingsI Don't Think Wolf Is Your Totem Animal by CorvusTestifiedAnti-Naruto by BowChickaBowWow
i dont smoke by sergbelCaffeineFree Stamp by RJDaaeAnti Communism by Kitsunemisao
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Anime by Ramen27Don't-treat-me-special by RebiValeskaAww No, It's A Scriptfic! by crazylaura64
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I love the 30's Stamp EDITED by Lar-KiThe Power of Observation by HarmonicSonicIntrovert by skinnyveestamp
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St.Edward's Crown by HafrStampsDeath Penalty stamp by ARTic-WeatherUnions Stamp by SaturnFinger
Say No to Drugs... by Ghostwalker2061When I Die by stamps-of-yoreTriarii II by HafrStamps


Space Stamp by WetWithRainRequest - Rage Quitting Life by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeI Met My Best Friend Online by holls
Digimon stamp by Wuckolove dark-art stamp by wol4ica-stockI'm Anti-Anonymous Stamp by Evilbearofdoom
Rape is Rape by XxchantellexXdurr hurr prowd aspeh lol by BaconMagicKids by black-cat16-stamps
Groups by black-cat16-stampsI hate it, man. by FittaKukDoesn't make sense to begin with. by The-Legend-Of-Burai


CommanderEVE's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Photography

I am a third year University student at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication studying my second year of BA (Hons) Digital Photography, I previously studied BA (Hons) Animation in the same University.

Facebook Photography and Art page:
Wings of Steel role-playing forum:

My group:

Proud to be British by WearwolfaaMelancholic Stamp by PhillusI love Barn Owls by WishmasterAlchemistChristian for Non-Dickheads by genkistamps
Monarchist by HafrStampsI Lean Right stamp by Conservatoons


Quotes and philosophies:
"Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

“The Universe is very, very big. It also loves a paradox. For example, it has some extremely strict rules. Rule number one: Nothing lasts forever.Not you or your family or your house or your planet or the sun. It is an absolute rule. Therefore when someone says that their love will never die, it means that their love is not real, for everything that is real dies. Rule number two: Everything lasts forever.”

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."

"Great art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in his personal vision of the world."

"What is it about fire? So calm and peaceful but… inside, all power and destruction. It’s hiding something. Just like people do."

"We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall, and everone's arguing over where they're going to sit."

"The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude."

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

"And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all."

"A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool."

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”

"Make a change or it will change you."

I am influenced by:
Film noir, Neo-noir, Art Deco, Brutalist Architecture, geometric forms, symmetry, Romanticism, Art Nouveau, Gothic Architecture, Modernism, Realism, Cubism, Semi-realism, German Expressionism, Futurism and Retro-futurism.

My improvement over the years:
Everyone starts somewhere...
2006 to 2013 progress! by CommanderEVE
...just make sure you do not end up in the same place.



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Hello everyone,

I need a total of 4,796 points in order to renew the super group status of the Pure Ones super group for one year.

As a calcification, I have 2,291 points so far.

If you want a llama from me in exchange for a point, please go to the Llama Trading Game:


Thank you.

- High Tyto Eve

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100 Questions for a DeviantARTIST

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 2:45 PM
01.] What is your pen name?

02.] What made you choose this name?
I was originally a Wall-E fan, and so I changed my pen name in 2009, I had a different pen name before CommanderEVE.

03.] Do you use PC or Mac?

04.] What programs do you use most often?
Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4 and 5.

05.] Do you use mouse, or tablet?
Both. I use the mouse for all the technical aspects of my work (Drawing guidelines, grids, paint bucket tool, select tool and so on.) and the tablet for all the painting.

06.] What colour or colour combinations do you find yourself using most often?
Black, red, white, grey and sliver. Black and red. Black and white. Black, white and sliver.

07.] What part of a picture do you put most effort into?
The face and lighting.

08.] How long does it take you do draw a picture?
It depends. Digital sketches take between 1 to 2 hours. Detailed digital sketches take around 4 hours and my best pieces take from anywhere between 10 to 80+ hours, as when it goes past 80 hours I pretty much lose count. My Traditional Art is quicker; it usually takes me under an hour to create a sketch, a detailed sketch takes around 2 to 4 hours and my most detailed work takes between 5 to 20+ hours.

09.] Do you keep your rough drafts?
I keep everything.

10.] What font do you use most often?
Anything Art Deco inspired or anything that is angular has straight lines and is geometric.

11.] When you scan your image, what DPI do you use?
I do not scan my artwork, I photograph it with my DSLR, tripod and QP card.

12.] Do you do anything else when you're drawing?
Listen to music and sometimes talk with friends. I also take frequent breaks that include listening to music while starting out my bedroom window to think, or I get up and walk around the house and spend some time looking out the window in the kitchen, since it has a nice view, the best in my whole house.

13.] Approximately how many pictures do you draw in a month?
0 to 3, depending how I feel, these days I create about 6 artworks a year and I do not make sketches.

14.] What kind of paper do you draw your pictures on?
Heavy paper with fine grain.

15.] What kind of paper do you use for rough sketches and drafts?
The same as the above, I just love that paper. :eyes:

16.] How long does it take you to ink something?
Depends, if you mean colour in then it takes at least 60% of my time creating the piece.

17.] Do you do comics, or fan comics?
No. But I have been thinking about making a comic on Wings of Steel.

18.] Do you like comics? Are they fun to make?
Not sure, I have never made one.

19.] Have you ever submitted anything to a magazine?
Yes, when I first started drawing in 2001-2002. I submitted the drawing of a tennis ball made with oil pastels.

20.] Did it get published?

21.] Who are your favourite artists?

22.] Do you like anime/manga? If so, what are your favourite series?
Yes, I like manga more than Anime, unless we are talking much older series. I just like the painted feel of animation more than the digital. Tekkonkinkreet, Akira, Saint Seiya, Astro Boy, Casshern, Death Note, Digimon, Hell Girl, Ghost in a Shell, Ōban Star-Racers, Paranoia Agent, Batman: The Animated Series, Deadman Wonderland and Medabots.

23.] Do you like cartoons/comics? If so, what are your favourite series?
Yes. Akira, Pluto, Ghost in a Shell, The Walking Dead, Commando Comics, Domu, Tekkonkinkreet, Watchmen, Batman, Maus, Death Note and Batman.

24.] Any artists that you wish you could draw like?
Edward Hopper. Well, he mostly paints.

25.] Do you read a lot of books?
Somewhat, I am very picky.

26.] Did you ever buy a book to inspire or teach you to draw?
Yes, a few. But they do not work so well, I am mainly inspired by everything around me, especially light and how it falls on things.  

27.] Any video games you enjoy?
Spyro the Dragon, WipeOut HD, Klonoa, Tomb Raider, Bust-A-Move, Tekken 3, Croc, Devil Dice, Pandemonium, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart Double Dash, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness and Sonic Adventure.

28.] Any favourite characters from video games?
Spyro, Klonoa, Lee, Yoshimitsu, Hwoarang, Law, Eddy, King, Paul, Espeon, Umbreon, Misdreavus, Noctowl, Plusle , Hitmontop, Entei, Raikou, Absol, Houndoom, Metagross, Celebi and, Jirachi.

29.] Do you have a favourite writer?
Not really.

30.] Any books you really enjoy?
King James Bible and Wings like Eagles.

31.] Do you draw fanart?

32.] Do you listen to music while you draw?
Yes, most of the time.

33.] Any recommended songs?
It depends, I have so many. My favourite at the moment is ‘Wren and Raven’ by Steve Roach.…

34.] Any other art websites that you really enjoy?
None other.

35.] Are there any websites that you go to everyday?
Not really, the others are all social or to do with University.

36.] What is your dream website like?
The one I am making, Wings of Steel. :3

37.] Do you like your own art?
Yes. Otherwise I would not be creating it.

38.] What do you enjoy watching on television?
I do not watch TV anymore; I use to be glued to it when I was younger.

39.] Favourite celebrity?

40.] Favourite colour?

41.] Favourite food?
Anything with lemon in it and salmon teriyaki.

42.] Favourite drink?
Lemon juice.

43.] Do you like to go shopping? If yes, where? And for what?
Yes, somewhat. To get new cloths and anywhere that seems decent.

44.] Can you cook?
Yes, and I am good at it.

45.] Any devices you use often for email?

46.] Are you tech-savvy?
Yes, I built my own PC.

47.] Do you want to become a professional artist?

48.] Are there any other jobs you're interested in?
I want to travel the world.  

49.] Any other hobbies or skills besides drawing?
Photography, writing, Magic: The Gathering and traveling.

50.] Do you like to watch movies?

51.] What's your favourite movie?
District 9, Wall-E, Tekkonkinkreet, Short Circuit, Legend of the Guardians, Akira, Poltergeist, The Watchmen, The Shinning, Black Rain, A Clockwork Orange, Innerspace, , Megamind, Top Gun, Blade Runner, Dark City, The Birds, Christine, The Thing and Koyaanisqatsi.

52.] Have you ever entered an art contest, here at DeviantART or otherwise?

53.] When did you start drawing seriously?
Around 10 years old, I drew like shit before that.

54.] Do you use references? If so, for what?
Yes, sometimes. Manly for poses.

55.] Are you a subscriber? If so, are you a beta-tester?
Yes to both.

56.] Do you have a lot of net friends?
Yes, three. You know who you are. :P

57.] Do you have a lot of friends that also draw?

58.] What time of the day do you usually go online?
Mornings and at night.

59.] Do you like to go to chat rooms?
I use to.

60.] Do you have your own computer?
Yes, two in fact.

61.] What would you say to the person that you admire?
I talk to them like another human being.

62.] Does your mind wander when you draw?
Yes, as I seem to draw better when I am automatically thinking about it.

63.] Have you drawn poorly because you think too much?
Yes, usually when I think too much about my artwork.

64.] Do you have any friends who are professional artists?

65.] Where do you often hang out?

66.] Are there any popular artists that you don't like much?
Yes, I am not going to say names. And it is not because they are popular; I just dislike their art style and them as a person.

67.] Are there any situations in which you really don't like being a DeviantARTIST?
There are a lot of shitheads on here.

68.] How about situations that make you love it?
I get to show my artwork and talk with my friends.

69.] What's the one thing that makes you grateful that the internet exists?

70.] Is there anything out there that makes you wish the internet didn't exist?
The countless Weirdos.

71.] What's your first Deviation?
Some crap I plagiarised.

72.] Any art you did prior to that?
It is not online and I have removed it from my older accounts.

73.] Has your style changed a lot since joining DeviantART?

74.] If it has changed, it what ways?
I do not know where to start.

75.] Have you experienced artist's block before?

76.] If so, how do you usually get out of it?
I don’t. I just come out of it naturally. As it all depends on my mood.

77.] What do you do when you can't get out it?

78.] Any Deviants that have influenced you a lot?
All of the favourite artists I mentioned above.  

79.] What made you want to start drawing?
I have always wanted to express what I see and how I see it.

80.] What made you want to join DeviantART?
It looked interesting.

81.] Has anything ever made you want to quit DeviantART?
No. Not even the shitheads, because they are pricks, why would I let people like that bother me?

82.] What do you think about netiquette?
I think the name is odd. Does that count?

83.] Have you ever been spammed or trolled?
Yes, many times.

84.] Ever thought about quitting art all together?

85.] If so, why?
Not sure.

86.] Do you upload high quality versions of your art?

87.] Do you have custom CSS? If so, did you make it yourself?

88.] Do you have good vision?
I am long sighted, but my left eye is dodgy since I was starched by a cat.

89.] If you can get anyone's autograph, whose would you get?
The Red Arrows team.

90.] What would you say to that person when he or she gives you an autograph?
“Thank you.”

91.] Do you like to draw on Oekaki BBS?
No whatever it is.

92.] Do you have a job?

93.] Did you take art in school? If so, did you do well? Are you still taking it?

94.] Have you taken art lessons outside of a school setting?

95.] Have you ever drawn something just because it was the cool thing to do?

96.] What's your favourite phrase/quote?
A fool flatters himself; a wise man flatters the fool.

97.] Do you present yourself differently online than you do in your real life?
Not sure, what do you think?

98.] What's your goal now?
To live an honest, happy life.

99.] What do you have to say to yourself?
Always be calm.

100.] Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone who read this?
You know I am awesome.

  • Mood: Tired

Can you think of a band/ artist or song that fits with my style of artwork? (Please link an example in the comments section.) 

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