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I will be visiting Oslo in Norway from the 5th of November to the 8th. I look forward to what photographs I will take.
Tibetan Buddhist monks create a Mandala out of sand. A lesson in impermanence. 

As long as there is attachment to things that are unstable, unreliable, changing and impermanent, there will be suffering – When they change, then they cease to be what we want them to be.

If craving is the cause of suffering, then the cessation of suffering will surely follow from 'the complete fading away and ceasing of that very craving'. Its abandoning, relinquishing, releasing and letting go.

I watched 3D Ghost in the Shell in the IMAX today, the film was good, nice eye candy. Although, as I suspected, the plot was spliced to fuck. It was still good. :3
I will be going to Las Vegas again after I finish my temporary work. :eyes:
Hello everyone,

I am going to talk about multiple topics. First, about my lack of art and what not. 


Ever since I finished University about a year ago, I have been barely able to get back into the swing of drawing. Although, I have good news, my desire to create art has not diminished completely, I still get sudden flares to draw and I have noticed my imagination has advanced, as I felt like that was a mayor issue a few years back. I have been working on two pieces at once, which is very unlike me. I usually start one then finish it every time, but now I have two uncompleted pieces that I have not touched for a long time. I seem to be lacking motivation, I have noticed it has been getting worse over a wide period, around 3 years - which is how long my University course was. It could be because I focused on Photography for 3 years. 

Today, I peeked at my two pieces and I had the desire to finish them, I came up with a bunch of new ideas, so I will try and get around to it. 

I also no longer read as much as I use to. I use to finish almost every single book I pick up and get into. Now, I have put quite a few down and have been unable to complete many. 

I am also still very active, I check DA several times a day. I am now on the Forums more then anything else. 


Another topic I want to address, is this site. It seems to be slowly dying. I did not notice it at first, then I started seeing journals by various people discussing the issue, I did not take much notice, till I started noticing it myself a few months back, after I saw a hefty data mine that @parallellogic had skillfully put together:

deviantART - Data Mining I.
I had a smidgen of free time this summer, so I dusted off some old data mining code and got to work cataloging dA's userbase – I thought I'd share my results.
The number of users on dA has grown remarkably steadily over the years, I was honestly expecting a trend with a lot more stops and starts

And you can look at that as the number of users who join each month:

There are two key regions I noticed in the data, one around the beginning of 2004 and the other around late 2006 where the number of users joining suddenly jumped, presumably due to some advertising campaign. Today you see about 9 new accounts created every minute on average.
The data before 2002 is rather spotty since there aren't quite as many users to sample from, and I'm extrapolating.
Of course what's actually more interesting is the breakdown of the types of users.  All the data I've collected is looking at dA as it appears n
  DAta Mining 9.1 - Is DA Dying?.
Holiday break was fun yet otherwise uneventful.  I read the 9-11 commission report during the break.  This coming week I'll be taking my second cross-country trip for business.
I looked at how many comments are posted on DeviantArt.  Right now the number of comments posted daily is about 30% less than in 2011 and continues to decline.
After my last journal I noticed the staff did quickly remove the "folder" portion of the friends API call.  Personally I don't care too much about that, I just wish they'd make some form of announcement when they change the API.  From a developer standpoint it's very difficult to tell why a particular piece of code stops working - whether it's something that went wrong on your computer or something DA changed.
Life - Winter Break
My family took a mini vacation during the holidays.  My

Now, it has become very apparent, I can now, clearly see the effects it is having on the site overall - including it's users. 

What do you all think?

- CommanderEVE
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